The vision of Women’s Giving Circles International (WGCI) is to strengthen the concept of women working together, through giving circles and collaborative giving efforts, to fund change and create a more sustainable and compassionate world.


What Is WGCI?

Women’s Giving Circles International (WGCI) recognizes the power of women to create world change through their philanthropy. Via philanthropy education, giving circles and the WGCI network, women collectively join together to become philanthropic leaders, making policy and program decisions that impact women and girls at a local level and international scale: equity, education, healthcare, equality and the environment. 

Driven by research, WGCI leverages each woman's unique perspective, talent and capacity to ensure a future that is brighter for our children and being female. Join us in the creation of this powerful global movement of money and moxy.


Who We Are


In the Summer of 2017 Sondra Shaw Hardy was invited by a friend, Marliese Ammon, the wife of the German Ambassador to Great Britain, Peter Ammon, to come to London and speak about women’s philanthropy in the United States.

What We Do


investments made by women positively impact society. WGCI’s mission is to grow, nurture and sustain women’s collective giving around the world. We achieve our mission through education, empowerment and engagement.

Giving Circles


We believe in women and their collective power to make change. When empowered with educational and financial resources, research has confirmed that investments made by women impact society.