WGCI’s mission is to grow, nurture and sustain women’s collective giving around the world. We achieve our mission through:


Education to create and sustain women’s giving circles based on the experiences of the staff/advisors who have been an integral part of the women’s giving circle movement for two decades.

WGCI Offers:

  • Philanthropy education to help women understand their potential and find their voices through their philanthropy

  • Step-by-step tools for creating and sustaining giving circles

  • Ways to apply a gender lens to a culture of philanthropy in their communities

Empowerment of women as philanthropists investing with one another to further mutual values. 

WGCI Offers:

  • Leadership development based on the elevation and leverage of women's philanthropy, to positively affect the numbers of women in decision making roles

  • Research and resources to ensure women's monetary contributions are recognized and counted

  • Values-driven models of effective grant making

Engagement via a network for women’s giving circles that have been created internationally or are in the process of being created and develop means for these circles to communicate and collaborate.


  • Build community and share best practices with circles around the world

  • Use technology to sister the creation of collective giving via mentoring, advisory services and open source innovation from the philanthropic field